Intra-Ocular Laser Eye Shields

Model No. 081-900

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List Price: $295.00

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Adult, Child, Infant and Newborn Sizes in intra-ocular corneal laser eye shields for patient eye protection when treating in the ocular region. Features built-in prong (non-detachable).

Intra-Ocular Laser Eyeshields (Corneal Shields)

Includes (2) Eye Shields

Intra-ocular laser eye shields (corneal eye shields) are designed to protect the patients eye during a laser procedure. Our intra-ocular laser eye shields are made of high quality surgical grade stainless steel. The outer covering of the intra-ocular eye shield is non-reflective and ideal for laser procedures in which the ocular or eye are is being treated.

An ophthalmic topical anesthetic and ointment is suggested when using intra-ocular laser eye shields. To insert, separate the patients eyelids and place on eye. Be sure that the eye shield is under both the upper and lower eyelids.

Intra-ocular eye shields may be sterilized via autoclave or ETO (ethylene oxidide gas).

Select a size of eye shields which will cover the entire globe. Intra-ocular eye shields are available in four sizes:

Adult Size: 24mm
SLS Model # 081-9003

Child Size: 20mm
SLS Model # 081-9004

Infant Size: 18mm
SLS Model # 081-9005

Newborn Size: 12.5mm
SLS Model # 081-9006
Manufacturer N/A

List Price: $295.00

Price: $275.00

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