Safety Eyewear for
Light Based Procedures

Eye protection during laser and IPL procedures is essential for patient and practitioner safety. Injury to the eye can occur without proper eye protection from direct or indirect laser light.

Safety Notice

All persons within the nominal hazard zone during laser procedures must wear safety glasses when a laser device is in operation.

Meets ANSI Z136.1 and CE Certified

Our laser safety eyewear is engineered with innovation to maximize visibility and manufactured with tight tolerances and specifications to ensure protection.

Fully Integrated Dyes

Our polycarbonate filters feature fully integrated absorptive dyes, molded into the plastic, for superior laser protection. This ensures surface scratches have no affect on laser protection.

Polycarbonate and Light Glass Technology

Our polycarbonate filters are hardcoated and nearly unbreakable. When a glass filter is required, you can count on the comfort of our light glass technology.

Laser Safety Eyewear

Medical Laser Spectacles, Laser Glasses, and Opaque Patient Goggles for Most Laser Wavelengths

Glasses & Goggles

Need help finding the right filter?

Let us help you find the right filter for your laser. Email us your laser’s wavelength, maximum output power, and pulse width. This is usually found on the yellow sticker on the back of the laser.

We offer protective filters for most medical laser device wavelengths, many of which are not on our website.

Popular Filters

Meets ANSI Z136.1

CE Certified


$45.00 Each

Model CO2-XX

190-360 7+
10600 7+

93% VLT
Clear Lens

Holmium YAG

$165.00 Each

Model HOY-XX

1980-2550 5+
5200-11000 5+
9000-10600 6+

41% VLT
Grey Lens

Pulsed Dye (PDL)

$175.00 Each

Model DY7-XX

190-400 5+
590-600 5+
595 6+

23% VLT
Purple Lens


$175.00 Each

Model ALX-XX

190-400 5+
720-830 7+
830-840 6+

25% VLT
Pink Lens


$170.00 Each

Model YG3-XX

>840-950 5+
>950-1080 7+
>1080-1090 5+

59% VLT
Green Lens


$210.00 Each

Model DBY-XX

190-534 7+
850-925 5+
960-1064 7+

35% VLT
Amber Lens

KTP & Argon

$100.00 Each

Model ARG-XX

180-532 7+

48% VLT
Orange Lens


$100.00 Each

Model ERB-XX

2780 5+
2940 6+
10600 5+

93% VLT
Clear Lens

Use the frame style number in place of XX when ordering.

Pricing is based on filter. Select any frame style for your filter at no additional cost.

Frame Styles

Frame 31, 36, 38, 39

Multiple Sizes
  • Details
  • Size

Comfortable fit over Rx glasses or alone
Adjustable temples
Side-shields for wide field of view

31: Small 140mm x 132mm x 50mm
36: Medium 142mm x 135mm x 49mm
38: Large 144mm x 145mm x 50mm
39: X- Large 148mm x 140mm x 54mm

Frame 46

One Size: Medium
  • Details
  • Size

Modern Wrap-Around
Adjustable Bridge
Comfort Fit temples

132mm x 140mm x 42mm

Frame 34

One Size: Medium Large
  • Details
  • Size

Modern Wrap-Around
Adjustable Bridge
Comfort Fit temples

135mm x 142mm x 48mm

Frame 50

One Size
  • Details
  • Size

Modern Goggle
Removable Insert for Rx
Vented to Prevent Fogging

133mm x 51mm

Frame 35

One Size: Medium Large
  • Details
  • Size

Adjustable Temple Lengths and Angle
8 Base Lens Curvature
Comfort Fit

130mm x 130mm x 47mm

Frame 51, 53

Multiple Sizes
  • Details
  • Size

Comfortable fit over Rx glasses or alone
Comfort fit soft temples
Superior temple coverage

51: Medium 141mm x 145mm x 45mm
53: Large 146mm x 145mm x 50mm

Frame 52

One Size: Large
  • Details
  • Size

8 base Lens Curvature
Comfort Fit Temples

130mm x 148mm x 45mm

Frame 55

One Size: Medium
  • Details
  • Size

’50s retro-styling
Removable Rx Insert
Insert Available w/ 1.0-4.0× Magnification

145mm x 142mm x 45mm

Frame 60

One Size
  • Details
  • Size

Comfortable Fit Over Rx Glasses or Alone
Vented to Prevent Fogging
Fully Contained Protection

150mm x 85mm

Frame 41

One Size: Extra Small
  • Details
  • Size

Petite / Youth Size – Extra Small
Adjustable temples
Side and top protection

130mm x 122mm x 41mm

Frame KM

One Size: Extra Small
  • Details
  • Size

Petite / Youth Size – Extra Small
Close-to-the-Face Fit

115mm x 130mm x 36mm

Patient Care Eyewear

Protective Shields for Facial Procedures

Stainless Steel Patient I-Shields

$89.00 Each

  • Details
  • Replacement Parts

SLS Model 081-1300

Affordable and Durable – The patient eyeshields provide protection from laser and IPL. The laser and IPL eyeshields are virtually unbreakable, making them one of the most durable laser eye shields on the market.

Optional Silicone Rings for Comfort – For additional comfort, the stainless steel laser and ipl eye shields ship with a set of reusable silicone rings, making the eyewear comfortable for the patient. The eyewear can also be used without the silicone rings.

Silicone Rings

SLS Model 081-1301
Price: $6.00 Each

Elastic Band

SLS Model 081-1302
Price: $5.00 Each

Intra-Ocular Corneal Laser Shields

$410.00 Pair

  • Details
  • Sizes
  • Instructions

Exceptional Quality – Our corneal eye shields are vaulted at the cornea, marked for size, and feature a safety ring at the edge. The posterior surface and edges are rounded and polished to increase comfort and reduce risk of injury to the patient.

Permanent Handle – An offset handle facilitates insertion and removal. The handle is near the lower lid to allow closure without the upper lid pressing on the handle and causing rotation or displacement of the shield, minimizing risk of corneal irritation or exposure of the globe.

Sold as a Pair (Includes Left and Right Shields)

Non-Returnable: This item is not eligible for return once opened.

Large 27 x 24mm
SLS Model 081-9002-C
Medium 25.5 x 23mm
SLS Model 081-9003-C
Small 24 x 21mm
SLS Model 081-9004-C
X-Small 22 x 19.5mm
SLS Model 081-9005-C

RX Only

Select a size of eye shields which will cover the entire globe.

An ophthalmic topical anesthetic and ointment is suggested when using intra-ocular laser eye shields. To insert, separate the patients eyelids and place on eye. The corneal laser eye shields must be under both the upper and lower eyelids.

Intra-ocular eye shields may be sterilized via autoclave or ETO (ethylene oxidide gas).

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