CO2 Laser Fiber Waveguides for LEI Ultra MD Lasers

Our UltraLase CO2 Waveguide fibers feature a patented proprietary coating to maximize reflectivity and power transmission during CO2 laser procedures. The UltraLase CO2 fiber is compatible with LEI Ultra MD Laser Systems.

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  • UltraLase

    SLS Model No: HWG300-2.0/3.0 or HWG500-2.0/3.0

    Available in 300 and 500 Micron Sizes

    The UltraLase CO2 Waveguide is a laser delivery system for use in surgical procedures where a flexible delivery system would allow easier and more efficient delivery of laser energy to the targeted tissue. Indications for use are dependent upon the cleared indications for the laser system in which it is attached to.

    The UltraLase CO2 fiber waveguides is for use with LEI Ultra MD Laser Systems (manufactured by Laser Engineering and distributed by Southeast Laser Systems). Some Ultra MD models may require an adapter. 

    The flexible CO2 waveguide provides a precise .225 spot size and is backed by the manufacturer's 'No Fail' guarantee.

    Made in the U.S.A.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item