Corneal Eye Shields for Laser Treatments in the Ocular Region

Intra-ocular corneal laser shields are required during laser procedures when in close proximitely to the orbital rim, or when treating the eyelid area. Two styles of corneal laser shields are available, including one with built-in prongs (available in adult, child, infant and newborn sizes) as well as an adult size featuring a detached suction prong.

Use of intra-ocular corneal eye shields should only be performed under the supervision and direction of a physician or other healthcare professional with prescriptive authority.

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  • Discontinued - New Model Coming Soon

    Intra-ocular corneal laser eye shields with permanent prong for patient eye protection when performing laser procedures around the ocular region.

    The laser corneal shields feature a permanent built-in prong (non-detachable), eliminating the risk of losing handles during use.

    Non-Returnable: This item is not eligible for return once opened.

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