Medical Laser Systems for Surgical Applications

Authorized Distributorships

We offer a variety of new and pre-owned surgical laser systems. Featuring the Ultra MD Series CO2 Laser for surgical applications such as GYN and ENT procedures. We are an authorized distributor for Laser Engineeering.

Refurbished Laser Systems

In addition to new model laser systems, we offer refurbished surgical and aesthetic lasers from a variety of laser manufacturers. If your facility is looking to replace an aging laser on a bugdget, our refurbished laser systems may be the answer.

Not Ready to Buy?

Medical laser rentals are available to facilities that are not ready to purchase. Check out our laser rentals.

Laser Accessories

We offer a complete line of laser accessories, ranging from micromanipulators to handpieces. We also offer adapters that often allow the use of your existing accessories.

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  • Ultra MD™
    Made in the U.S.A.

    For General, GYN and ENT Surgical Procedures: The LEI Ultra MD™ CO2 laser systems utilize a user friendly interface which is microprocessor controlled making it simple to setup and to operate. The sophisticated features of the Ultra MD™ series of surgical CO2 lasers include continuous wave, chopped pulse, and super pulse settings - all ready at the touch of a finger - and all in a convenient, space savings compact size. The CO2 laser system is offered in three wattages: 40,60 and 80.

    Use of Flexible CO2 Fiber with Optional DS Model: The DS (Dual Shutter) model allows the use of both a flexible CO2 fiber or articulated arm at the flip of a switch. The LEI Ultra MD DS Model is compatible with LEI UltraLase flexible CO2 fibers, enabling functionality similar to the OmniGuide system.

    OmniGuide is a registered trademark of OmniGuide, Inc. and is not affiliated with Southeast Laser Systems.


    The Ultra MD™ CO2 laser is manufactured by Laser Engineering. Southeast Laser Systems, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Laser Engineering.

  • $2,395.00

    The v900L Visualization System is a visual enhanement tool, allowing the medical professional to more easily see approximately 1mm below the skin's surface. The v900L is recommended as a visualization tool during the treatment of telangiectasia and spider veins. The v900L combines a proprietary superior white light LED with two-way polarization to enhance the vision of medical professionals during dermal inspection procedures by removing surface glare from the patient’s skin, promoting improved viewing of sub-surface features. Reflected light is magnified and then polarized again as it passes back through the Visi-Shield to the viewer.

    Ships within the United States only. Not available for export.

    Normally ships in 5 to 7 business days.
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items