Cost Saving Accessories
for Medical Laser Systems

Protect your patients and staff while keeping costs down with our medical laser safety products and accessories. We offer laser safety eyewear, fibers, plume removal systems, and warning signs for medical and aesthetic professionals.

Safety Eyewear for Light Based Procedures

Eye protection during laser and IPL procedures is essential for patient and practitioner safety. Injury to the eye can occur without proper eye protection from direct or indirect laser light.

All of our eyewear models meet ANSI Z136.1 and are CE Certified.

Laser Protective Eyewear

Surgical Laser Fibers

No need to sacrifice quality for price. Our commitment to value brings you dependable surgical laser fibers at an affordable cost. Most of our laser fibers are packaged for sterile single use and pre-stripped, which provides the laser professional with convenience and reduced setup time.

Available for Holmium YAG, CO2, Diode, KTP and Nd:YAG laser systems (subject to compatibility).

Surgical Laser Fibers

Laser Instrumentation & Accessory Parts

Medical Laser micromanipulators, instruments, handpieces, keys, footswitches and footpedal assemblies are available for many surgical and aesthetic lasers.

Replacement accessories such as laser keys, footswitches and footpedals can be easily replaced or installed by the laser user or operator.

Laser Accessories & Component Parts

PM Parts & Repair Components

Preventative maintenance and laser repair parts, such as particle filters, ion exchange cartridges and repair components, should only be replaced by qualified personnel that have been trained in medical laser repair.

We offer replacement ion exchange (DI cartridges) for most lasers, including Lumenis, Coherent and Dornier. Looking for hard-to-find replacement ion exchange bags for the Dornier Medilas H, H20 and Solvo? We carry them!

PM & Repair Parts

Plume Removal Systems & Supplies

Smoke evacuation should be performed during laser and electrocautery procedures to clear smoke plume from the air.

Browse our smoke plume evacuation systems, pre-filters and filters, tubing and more.

Plume Removal Systems & Accessories

Laser Danger Warning Signs

$20 Each – Custom Order

Laser danger signs should be placed at every entrance to areas in which lasers are in use. Laser danger and laser warning signs provide information about the type of laser being used and allow the person entering the room to take precautions prior to entering. Laser danger and warning signs are required by OSHA and recommended by most other organizations related to laser safety.

Laser danger signs should be specific to the laser wavelength(s) being used. Universal laser warning signs are not appropriate and do not provide proper precautions for medical lasers. For this reason, we do not offer universal laser warning signs.

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