Third Party Alternative for Laser Accessories and Parts

Medical Laser footswitches and footpedal assemblies, particle filters, ion exchange cartridges, and more are available for many surgical and aesthetic lasers.

Some medical laser replacement parts, such as laser footswitches and handpieces, can be replaced by any member of your personnel that is familiar with the laser. Preventative maintenance and laser repair parts, such as particle filters, ion exchange cartridges and repair components, should only be replaced by qualified personnel that have been trained in medical laser repair.

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We offer laser service in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee (Eastern).


User Replaceable Parts

Replacement laser keys, footswitches and footpedals can be easily replaced or installed by the laser user or operator.

Footswitches & Footpedals

Replacement Footpedal / Footswitch Assembly for the following lasers: Surgilase, Sharplan, SSI, Laser Engineer (LEI), Lumenis, Coherent, Dornier, and more.

We can repair footswitches for the most lasers. Comfortable doing your own repairs? Inquire about replacement cables, housings, and switches.

Handpieces, Micromanipulators, and Adapters

We offer a complete line of laser accessories, including surgical laser handpieces, laparoscopic couplers, micromanipulators, and more. We also offer adapters that often allow the use of your existing accessories with a new laser system.

Handpieces and adapters are often unavailable from the OEM once a laser is deemed ‘end of life’. However, we have new and lightly used inventory of many hard-to-find accessories.

Replacement Keys

Don’t let a lost key cancel your laser case! Replacement keys can be hard to find for medical lasers that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. We carry an inventory of replacement keys for many surgical lasers, old and new.

We recommend keeping a spare key in a safe location, separate from the primary key.

Laser Technician Replaceable Parts

Due to risk of injury or damage to equipment, medical laser repair components and PM parts should only be installed by trained and qualified personnel.

Ion Exchange (DI) Cartridges and Bags

Ion exchange cartridges (DI cartridges) should be replaced annually or more often based on the resistivity of water in the reservoir. Failing to replace the ion exchange cartridges and bags can result in premature failure of vital system components.

We offer replacement ion exchange (DI cartridges) for most lasers, including Lumenis, Coherent and Dornier. Looking for hard-to-find replacement ion exchange bags for the Dornier Medilas H, H20 and Solvo? We carry them!

Particle Filters

Similar to ion exchange cartridges, particle filters should be replaced annually or more often based on visual appearance of the filter element. Failure to replace the particle filter can result in premature failure of your medical laser’s vital system components.

We offer replacement particle filters for most lasers, including Lumenis, Coherent and Dornier.

Repair Components

Medical laser repair parts and components are available for many systems, including lasers that are no longer supported by the OEM.

We offer an extensive inventory of common failure laser parts for many medical laser makes and models. We have one of the largest ISO medical laser service inventories of Laserscope and Lasersonics medical lasers in the nation. Contact Us with your medical laser model and parts needed to check current inventory.

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