35µ Particle Filter for Dornier H20 Holmium Lasers


The 35µ particle water filter element replacement fits Dornier Medilas H20 Holmium laser systems. This is the small style water filter, compatible only with model H20 systems.

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The 35µ replacement particle filter element fits Dornier Medilas H20 Holmium lasers. It is recommended to replace the water particle filter annually or more often based on condition (visual appearance of filter element).

Failing to replace the particle filter element in Dornier Medilas H20 Holmium lasers can result in premature failure of vital system components. See the image above comparing a severely past due filter versus new. This is an example of a sytem with an original particle filter in use for several years, risking severe damage to the model H20 Holmium laser.

Water particle filters should be installed by qualified personnel.  Instructions are not provided.

Fits Dornier Medilas H20 systems only.  Not compatible with H systems. See bottom of page for the replacement water particle filter element for the Dornier Medilas H laser.

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