Plume Removal Supplies
for Laser Procedures

Smoke evacuation should be performed during laser and electrocautery procedures to clear smoke plume from the air.

Smoke Plume is Hazardous

Toxic gases and vapors such as benzene, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, bio-aerosols, and viruses are found in smoke plume.

Smoke Evacuation Reduces Health Risks

Protect your staff and patients with proper smoke evacuation to remove hazardous smoke plume.

What does ANSI say about smoke plume?

ANSI ‘The Safe Use of Laser in Health Care Facilities’

“Analysis of laser generated airborne contaminants (LGAC) produced during laser surgical procedures has shown the presence of gaseous toxic compounds, bio-aerosols, dead concentrations, some of the LGAC can cause ocular and upper respiratory tract irritation, have unpleasant odors, create visual problems for the physician and have been shown to have mutagenic and carcinogenic potential.“

“Electrosurgical devices and instrumentation are often used both separately and simultaneously with lasers. These devices have been found to produce the same type of airborne contaminants as produced by laser-tissue interaction and these contaminants should be evacuated from the surgical site.“

ANSI Z136.3 – 1996, 7.3

Smoke Evacuation Supplies

Plume Removal Systems, Replacement Filters, and Suction Tubing

Smoke Evacuation Systems

Surgifresh Turbo


  • Details
  • Specifications

The Surgifresh Turbo smoke evacuator is powerful, quiet and easy to use. It is easily moved from room to room with the included wheel and handle kit.

Simple Controls
Powerful and Quiet
Large Filter Cartridge for Frequent Use

Includes Foot Pedal, Wheel Cart & Handle

Tubing and Filters Sold Separately

For All Electrosurgical and Laser Procedures

Noise Levels
@ Minimum Power = 56 dBA
@ Maximum Power = 63 dBA

Maximum Flow Rates
65 CFM with 6’ Long 1 1/3” Hose
30 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose
6.5 CFM with 8’ Long 3/8” Hose
5 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose and 2’ Long ¼” Tubing

With Wheel Kit – 10.5” X 9.125” X 25.25”
Without Wheel Kit – 10.5” X 9.125” X 22.5”

115 Volt 60 Hz 8 Amp Circuit Breakers

With Wheel and Handle Kit – 26 lbs
Without Wheel and Handle Kit – 22.5 lbs

Tabletop Design

PureVac Turbo


  • Details
  • Specifications

Using a large smoke evacuator infrequently may allow infectious particulate and odor to remain in the filter for long periods of time before the filter is changed. The Purevac features a small filter for frequent replacement, reducing the possibility of infection transmission from a contaminated filter.

Compact Tabletop Design
Ideal for Small Amounts of Smoke
Small Filter Cartridge for Frequent Changes

Tubing and Filters Sold Separately

Noise Levels
@ Minimum Power = 54 dBA
@ Maximum Power = 62 dBA

Maximum Flow Rates
30 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose
3 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose and Attached 24″ x ¼” Tubing

14”W x 8.75”H x 15.5”D

115 Volt 60 Hz

With Filter – 16.9 lbs
Without Filter- 15.75 lbs

Replacement Filters

Surgifresh Filters

ULPA Filters and Pre-Filters with Activated Carbon

99.9995% Efficient Down to 0.1 Micron Particles

Protection-Plus models contains 25% more specialty blended, activated carbon for improved odor removal.

Pre-filters are single use and should be changed after each procedure. When a lingering odor is noticed or the suction pressure has decreased, the main filter should be replaced.

  • Models & Pricing

901300   ULPA-Plus Filter   $190 Each

901307   ULPA Protection-Plus Filter   $228 Each

901201   Prefilter (7/8″ Port)   $284 Box/30 or $13 Each

901202   Prefilter (1 1/3′ Port)   $291 Box/30

901206   Protection-Plus Prefilter (7/8″ Port)   $137 Box/10

901205   Protection-Plus Prefilter (1 1/3″ Port)   $137 Box/10

PureVac Filter

ULPA Clear Filter

99.9995% Efficient Down to 0.1 Micron Particles

Filter Life 1 Hour Maximum

The ULPA Clear Filter is a multistage filtration system which includes a built-in 50cc liquid trap, a pre-filter for capturing larger particulate matter, an ultra low penetration air (ULPA) filter for viral and smaller particulate material and activated carbon for removing odor.

This filter has a 7/8” port to accommodate the 7/8” tubing commonly used in laser and surgical procedures.

  • Models & Pricing

901301   ULPA Clear Filter   $199 Each

In-Line Wall Filters

For In-Line Wall Suction Systems

In-line filters protect wall suction systems from contamination caused by surgical smoke plume. Protect your wall suction system from contamination and clogging by using in-line filters.

99.97% Efficeint Down to 0.3 Micron Particles

Used on Wall Suction Systems

For use with 1/4″ or 3/8″ (6mm or 10mm) ID Tubing


  • Models & Pricing

BILF100, NILF100, ILF-100 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901051
Single-Use In-Line Suction Filter   $134 Box/10

BILF150, NILF150, ILF-150 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901054
Multi / Daily Use In-Line Suction Filter   $290 Box/10

Non-OEM Replacement Filters

For Sharplan, Stackhouse, ValleyLab and More

  • Details
  • ConMed
  • Niche Medical
  • Sharplan
  • Stackhouse
  • ValleyLab

Our replacement filters are manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications. We supply filters that fit popular smoke plume removal systems, many of which have been discontinued by the OEM.

Cost Savings Over OEM Smoke Evacuation Filters

Plume Removal Filters are of Equal or Better Quality than OEM

ConMed 60-5902-001 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901409
Filter for AspenVac (7/8″ Port)    $165 Box/3

ConMed SES1000 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901423
Filter for SES1000 (7/8″ & 1 1/4″ Port)    $765 Box/3

ConMed SES1000 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901427
Filter for SES1000 (7/8″ Port)    $426 Box/3

Niche Medical NES2000-ULC Replacement
SLS Model No. 901407
Filter for ES-2000    $175 Each

Niche Medical NST-370-ULC Replacement
SLS Model No. 901408
Filter for VersaVac & VersaVac2    $408 Box/3

Niche Medical NSTM-300 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901409
Filter for Mini Vac ST-1250 (7/8″ Port)    $164 Box/3

Sharplan MD1462600 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901417
External ULPA Filter for 100 XPlume (7/8″ Port)   $150 Each

Sharplan MD1462700 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901418
Internal Carbon Filter for 100 XPlume    $291 Each

Stackhouse STM300 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901409
Filter for MiniVac ST-1250 (7/8″ Port)    $164 Box/3

Stackhouse ST-373 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901415
Filter for VersaVac & VersaVac 2 (7/8″ Port)    $408 Box/3

ValleyLab E1091 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901409
Filter for ValleyVac Mini (7/8″ Port)    $164 Box/3

ValleyLab E3625 Replacement
SLS Model No. 901412
Filter for OptiMumm E3600 (7/8″ Port)    $412 Box/3


Smooth Bore Interior Smoke Plume Removal Tubing

  • Details
  • 7/8 Inch
  • 1 1/3 Inch
  • 3/8 Inch
  • 1/4 Inch

All smoke evacuation tubing has a smooth bore interior to minimize noise and improve air flow. Available in sterile and non-sterile.

Latex Free

Popular Sizes Including 7/8″ Tubing

Sterile and Non-Sterile

Integrated Wand and Sponge Guard Options

905021      7/8″ x 6′ Tubing (Non-Sterile)    $192 Box/24

905053      7/8″ x 6′ Tubing (Sterile)    $439 Box/24

905054      7/8″ x 6′ Tubing (Non-Sterile) w/ Integral Wand & Sponge Guard    $311 Box/24

901005      7/8″ x 6′ Tubing (Sterile) w/ Integral Wand & Sponge Guard    $529 Box/24

905055      7/8″ x 10′ Tubing (Non-Sterile)    $309 Box/24

905056      7/8″ x 10′ Tubing (Sterile)    $584 Box/24

905057       7/8″ x 10′ Tubing (Non-Sterile) w/ Integral Wand & Sponge Guard    $343 Box/24

905056       7/8″ x 10′ Tubing (Sterile) w/ Integral Wand & Sponge Guard    $584 Box/24

905046      1 1/3″ x 6′ Tubing (Non-Sterile)    $96 Box/5

905048      1 1/3″ x 6′ Tubing (Non-Sterile) w/ Integral Wand & Sponge Guard    $123 Box/5

905051      1 1/3″ x 6′ Tubing (Non-Sterile)    $193 Box/5

905011      3/8″ x 10′ Tubing (Sterile)    $357 Box/10

905019      1/4″ x 12′ Tubing w/ 1/4″ to 7/8″ Adapter (Sterile)    $131 Box/10

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