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PureVac TURBO Smoke Evacuation System


(110V-120V / 60 Hz)
Includes Footswitch

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The PureVac TURBO smoke evacuator is designed to collect hazardous smoke plume generated during gynecological and other electrosurgical or laser procedures. The PureVac smoke evacuator is recommended where the use of a single-use filter is preferred due to the presence of viruses or other mutagenic substances within the smoke plume.

The PureVac is a quiet, compact, and lightweight smoke evacuator which was engineered with ease of portability in mind. These units can easily be placed on a tabletop or on an ESU cart and work seamlessly with most electrosurgical generators.

The variable power setting, along with the optional turbo feature, allows the user to maintain the needed suction power while reducing unnecessary noise during operation. Both models utilize an ULPA-Clear single-use filter containing specialty blended activated carbon to maximize odor reduction, along with a built in 50cc liquid trap. The single-use filter is ideal for highly viral procedures and allows for easy cost allocation per procedure.

(110V-120V / 50 Hz) Includes Footswitch. Accessories sold separately.

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NOTE: Standard Model P/N 906100 has been discontinued.



Noise Levels

@ Minimum Power = 54 dBA

@ Maximum Power = 62 dBA


Maximum Flow Rates

30 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose

3 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose and Attached 24" x ¼” Tubing



14” X 8.75” X 15.5”



115 Volt 60 Hz



With Filter - 16.9 lbs

Without Filter- 15.75 lbs

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