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Surgifresh TURBO Smoke Evacuation System


(110V-120V / 60 Hz)
Includes Footswitch, Wheel Cart and Handle

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The Surgifresh TURBO Smoke Evacuator collects hazardous smoke plume when used in a variety of electrosurgical and laser surgical procedures. The Surgifresh is a powerful, quiet, rugged smoke evacuator that can be easily moved from room to room with the optional wheel and handle kit (sold separately).

The Surgifresh TURBO is equipped with a turbo button, allowing for maximum air flow for those procedures that create and abundance of surgical smoke plume. The Surgifresh smoke evacuation system is ideal for operating rooms, aesthetic centers, clinics and private offices.

Purchasing a Surgifresh smoke evacuator with the appropriate filters is a low-cost investment that will keep your medical staff and patients breathing easy!

(110V-120V / 50 Hz) Includes footswitch, wheel cart and handle. Other accessories sold separately.

NOTE: Surgifresh Standard P/N 906550 has been discontinued. System is now only offered in 'TURBO'.

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Noise Levels

@ Minimum Power = 56 dBA

@ Maximum Power = 63 dBA


Maximum Flow Rates

65 CFM with 6’ Long 11/3” Hose

30 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose

6.5 CFM with 8’ Long 3/8” Hose

5 CFM with 6’ Long 7/8” Hose and 2’ Long ¼” Tubing



With Wheel Kit - 10.5” X 9.125” X 25.25”

Without Wheel Kit - 10.5” X 9.125” X 22.5”



115 Volt 60 Hz 8 Amp Circuit Breakers



With Wheel and Handle Kit - 26 lbs

Without Wheel and Handle Kit - 22.5 lbs

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